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Google translations tailored for iPhone

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Google's iPhone-optimized translation service works similarly to what is available on your computer. There are 24 languages ??from which it is possible to choose the idiom of the original text and as many (minus one) those in which the translation can be obtained. For the choice of language, the classic menu in the form of a scroll cylinder is used, the same used to set the date and time on the iPhone.

To access simply visit the Google Italy site directly from Safari on iPhone, then select the Other item at the top right: on the screen of the available services we choose Translate. For its operation, the Google translation service requires an active connection with the Internet either via Wi-Fi or cellular network. Once the word or phrase is translated, the words are stored in the iPhone, so they are accessible even in the absence of a connection. The highly appreciated Google translation service perfect in its incarnation for iPhone, always being at hand on the smartphone wherever we are. Abroad, i.e. when the service is particularly useful, the exchange of data generated by Google Translations reduced to a few KB, so if used in moderation it does not risk heavily affecting our account due to the high data roaming rates. For readers with iPhone 3G and interested in a thorough examination of the costs of data traffic abroad and therefore in roaming, we refer to this article by Macity.

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