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Google Text to Speech: speech synthesis is official in Italy

A new service officially becomes part of the eco-system of Google, this time it is the vocal synthesis particularly useful to make up for certain moments in which the eyes cannot be placed on the display.

The service, generally known asGoogle Text to Speech was enabled for Italy within the Google Play Store and can be installed on any device whose version of Android is at least equal to 4.0.3, up to higher and can be used to activate the voice output service for some specific applications such as Messages and of course Google Play Books, being primarily designed for the latter.

Once you have downloaded Google Text to Speech from the Google Play Store, unlike a common application, its functionality must be activated via your "Settings" menu under "Language and input" and then "Speech output" by selecting Google from the predefined engines . Otherwise if you have a Nexus device, being practically already pre-installed in the system, you will only have to pass, in a similar way, to its configuration.

Google Text to Speech enabled for 7 different languages ??to choose from, as well as Italian, English, for both the United Kingdom and the United States, German, French, Spanish and Korean. Below is the link to the Google Play Store for its download:

?Google Text to Speech

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