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From a Calabrian shepherd the smart anti-wolf collar that works with ultrasound

Pietro Orlando a "Calabrian shepherd 2.0", a 19 year old who has conceived and a detail anti-wolf collar, an invention that allowed him to conquer loscar green 2019, the Coldiretti Giovani prize awarded "to those companies that have distinguished themselves for their market analysis skills, the use of information technology, design skills and the development of adequate development strategies".

Pietro lives in Aspromonte, a territory where the wolf can be a source of concern for flock farmers, including his own from Aspromontane goats, at risk of extinction. Goats need to graze in the semi-wild state and can become easy prey for wolves. Pietro, who has a small farm and studies Agriculture, has devised a solution to bring wolves and livestock together, reducing or eliminating the problem at the root: he has practically invented an anti-wolf collar using an ultrasound processor allowing to keep the predators, but without causing them any harm.

In fact, ultrasound causes only a slight annoyance to the canid, which in any case is sufficient to keep it away from the flocks. Guard dogs are also disturbed by ultrasound; in this way a defensive perimeter is created that moves wolves away from their prey.

Orlando explains that he has suffered losses but also stresses the wolf must be protected, being an endangered animal. Il Gioiello del Pastore a collar about 60 cm long, composed of a piece of leather (crucile), two stops (chiaveddi), and uses as mentioned a processor that emits ultrasound at a frequency that annoys the canid, but harmless to health.

The system, not invasive for its goats, nor for wolves, and a bollard that avoids resorting to electrified fences. The collars of tradition, in the sign of innovation: Pietro added solar panels, a tweeter and a battery; he explains that "ultrasound waves that reach 37/38 thousand kHz", and "develop within the wolf's hearing a frequency that resembles a shotgun shot".