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Frisbee Rush: the smartphone becomes the controller and the PC …

Frisbee Rush comes a unique video game of its kind with truly stunning features, we highly recommend it to everyone.

For the first time our smartphone will only do the controller of the video game while the whole process will be done on display of your pc. Thanks to this address you will connect to the internet page where once you download the application from Google Play you will be given a code to enter at the address indicated above, so you will put your controller in communication with the display and you can start playing.

The main purpose of the game is very simple but at the same time fun, you will have to thanks to the swipe on the display and the inclination that you will give to your smartphone lanciaredeiFrisbee thus breaking down gods monsters who are approaching your city!

Here is a short illustrative video to understand all the potential of this video game.

(yframe url = ?http: // v = 4blV2lG3e8E?)

We have tried it and we can assure you that if you are together with friends guaranteed funon the other hand, you just have to try it since the application completely Free! Here is the download box and enjoy!

(App) (/ app)


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