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Facebook updates with many news

As the title suggests, we can say that the well-known social network, Facebook, a few hours ago he released his new update regarding the application for devices based on Android operating system.

Currently there are no new features introduced, but the developers have decided to add a padlock button next to the username, which allows users to have access to the privacy settings of theaccount. In addition, the images of the new update are already present on the web, showing the procedure to be carried out. In fact, it is essential to scroll the Facebook page of the application to the right in order to view the screen and press the padlock, in this way each user will have the opportunity to access the quick links of their privacy.

Then some technical problems previously encountered were resolved and there is the possibility to set a reminder for the episodes of the desired TV programs on the pages that allow the operation, however this operation is currently only available for the USA. Among other news, for all HOME users, the possibility of being able to watch photos and posts published on various social networks has been introduced, such as Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and many others, all via the lock screen.

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