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Facebook Android receives update and introduces the possibility of sharing the status …

According to what we learned on the web, we can say that the well-known social network Facebook has received a new update for all devices based on an operating system Android. With this new release, the most famous social network in the world has introduced several new features. Indeed. with version 3.9, icons have also been introduced that will allow users to be able to share their mood, as well as the possibility of knowing what our friends are doing on Facebook.

So, among the different moods that we will find on the social network, with the new version that has been released for a few hours, 'I'm watching', 'I'm playing', 'I'm reading' and many others .. Besides the introduction of moods and the introduction 'what am I doing', we can say that Facebook has also corrected several technical problems that had arisen. So, apparently the app from now on, will offer all users a better user experience. With this, we can therefore say that users who present a device based on an Android operating system, will be able to let their friends on Facebook know their mood and what they are doing, all through the icons just introduced.

For those wishing to download or update the application Facebook for Android, you can do it for free through the Play Store.


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