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Even AMD against the Megahertz myth

Even AMD against the myth of Megahertz logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple may have a new ally in its battle against "the megahertz myth". It's about AMD. The company that first crossed the GHz barrier with its Athlon is increasingly confined to the uncomfortable position of those who suffer the effects of a marketing policy that for years has convinced users that Hertz always corresponds to a higher speed and however, even faster execution of the computer's tasks. The effects of the "myth", at work for a few months with Intel's choice to increase the clock of its processors out of proportion without it corresponding to a proportional increase in performance, could be heavy when at the end of the month the largest chip maker in the world will introduce a 2 GHz version of its Pentium 4. The CPU used in everyday tasks will be a little faster than the current 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 and probably it will be slower than a 1.5 GHz Athlon (which will also arrive at the end of the month) but few doubt that consumers will take the trouble to read the bench tests and will want everyone to know you the computer "faster" or rather what they believe is "the fastest". "At that point – says Dean McCarron analyst of Mercury Research – AMD will be forced to launch a campaign in which it will have to explain the value of the structure of a processor and how better performances can be obtained for the same number of cycles. It's not going to be an easy task. ?And Apple is well aware that it has not been easy for a couple of years to convince consumers that it is possible to produce faster machines with processors than on paper. by number of clocks they are slower.AMD, according to analysts, could decide for an extremely explanatory and pounding advertising campaign taking for example Apple and the now historic attempts to compare, head to head, machines with slower processors with those with faster processors showing that the former in some cases are able to beat the latter.If AMD's effort will fail at the Sunnyvale house it will not remain on the price lever, lowering the prices of its Athlons to make them compete with Intel's slower clock speeds. A policy that could be very risky for the company's coffers.

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