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EDAMS: The new advanced iPhone technology!


New patents filed by Apple show what "intelligence" the new iPhones will be equipped with, a new species much more evolved and advanced!

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for quite a while Apple there astonishes, perhaps we are full of new technologies and each brand presents technology similar to the others. Apple in the past has always been able to boast of be the first to introduce something new to the market, something that could amaze users and that could make the company unique and easily recognizable.

The iPhone 4 in my opinion was the latest technology in possession of the previous qualities, considering that the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 are very similar to each other. Certainly the iPhone 5 has a completely new and extremely fascinating design that makes it unique that not even HTC One can overcome it! Ditto for Macbook and iMac!

Of course in the latter case, and that is the Mac, Apple can truly boast of having an excellent operating system as there are no competitors at these levels and you know very well what I mean!

Going back to new technologies, that kind of new technologies who win the interest of users, it seems that Apple has found a new one! a new patent suggests that the iPhones of the future will be equipped with software implemented on the main basis of theartificial intelligence. In practice, the iPhone will be able to interact more with the user, thanks to numerous sensors and software aids, this will be able to anticipate the user in order to satisfy his wishes.

What does it mean? Being able to recognize a particular situation, the iPhone can act on factors that determine its behavior, adapting accordingly …

Are you in church? So better that the iPhone goes silent!

Do you get in the car? So good that the iPhone connects to the car's hands-free system and that maybe the navigation system starts!

Are you getting your iPhone out of your pocket? well illuminate the display to view the time and notifications!

All this could make it the iPhone of the future much more advanced and intelligent, as if it were a "new evolved species". we have been waiting for such a revolution at Apple for a long time and remember that they have the credentials to implement it! Firstly because Apple has always been the first to introduce new technologies on the market and secondly because Americans are well known for this type of "aids" that allow them to "move" as little as possible, to promote obesity!

Anyway joking aside here are some pictures of the patents on the new technology called EDAMS, which stands forElectric device with automatic mode switching, orDevice capable of automatically changing modes.

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