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CyanogenMod 11: how to enable "Double-tap to sleep"

Just a couple of days ago we reported the release by the modding team of the same nameCyanogenMod 11 M2, or the second release of the ROM useful for being able to stabilize the features and perfect the system by gradually introducing both old features, which were renounced due to lack of compatibility with Android 4.4 KitKat, that new, and among these a very interesting one the ?double-tap to sleep?, That is the double tap on the display to turn off the device.

This new feature inspired byLG G2, device that has become a point of reference not only for the good hardware but especially for the news in the software field, and if you have upgraded your CyanogenMod 11, or you are about to move on, know that this novelty will not be active by default on your device, but it will be set and we will illustrate you, as it is very simple and intuitive, how to enable it.

Once you access your device you will have to go to the panel "Settings", Locate the item"Interface" and subsequently "Status bar", You will be redirected to the page relating to the features to be modified, among which the customizations of the battery icon stand out, in the list you should also find the new item"Double-tap to sleep", All you have to do is enable it and your CyanogenMod 11 will be ready for use with the double tap on the display.

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