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Customize notifications for contacts and applications on iPhone with RingerX


RingerX allows you to configure and customize notifications for contacts and applications on iPhone

On Android, as we have seen in the past, there are many programs to customize notifications and adapt them to our needs.

Unfortunately, on the iPhone there are fewer programs of this type, but, if you have jailbroken your devices, you should definitely try the RingerX program.

What does this RingerX do?

It is a Cydia's tweak, available only for devices with Jailbreak, which allows you to customize notifications on the iPhone as much as possible. In particular, it allows to customize notifications for each individual contact or application. In this way, every time the smartphone has to notify something, it will do it according to the instructions that it will have received directly from you.

But what exactly does this tweak do?

Besides allow you to customize notifications on iPhone for individual contacts or programs, also allows you to disable all notifications during a call, or set different notifications for blocked or anonymous contacts.

The program, as you can see, highly customizable. You can change the settings as you wish, or you can use the default settings.

However, you will have to manually add the individual applications whose notifications must be managed by the program. However, I assure you that, in a few moments, you will be able to better configure the program and adapt it to your needs.

For example, you can select which applications will bypass silent mode, or you can select different vibration patterns for each individual program. In the Lite version of the program, unfortunately, you can only select 3 applications at most to manage with the program.

By activating the No in-call Sounds modeFurthermore, you can disable all banners, alerts and sounds while making a call. Very convenient function in my opinion.

As we said, then, the program allows you to customize notifications for individual contacts: going to the address book, a new item will appear that will allow you to "silence" the notifications for some specific contact, block it or choose the volume and personalized vibration for the calls, messages and emails of that contact.

The same can be said also for what concerns blocked and anonymous numbers.

In short, as you have noticed, this RingerX is truly a excellent program to manage notifications on iPhone. If you have the jailbreak, you should definitely try it.

The program available on Cydia in two versions:one free and one paid ($ 3). The free one works almost like the paid one (except for some non-fundamental features), but will continue to ask you to purchase the full version after a certain period of time. If you like tweak, I recommend buying the full version!

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