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Computer market, black year

Computer market, black year logomacitynet1200wide 1

Forecasts for the immediate future of information technology are black, at least according to IDC. The market research firm has in fact revised downwards its most recent forecasts both for the current year and for the next year. At the end of 2001 the percentage drop in sales for the current 12 months will be 1.6%; previously according to IDC at the end of the year, however, a quantifiable increase in sales of around 5.8% would have been seen. The first sales forecasts were for a growth of 10.3%. The worst of the markets will be the US where the decrease in sales will be 13% against the 6.3% initially expected. Even worse will be things for the turnover that will drop by 10.8% worldwide. Even for 2002 will be happy. IDC had predicted a percentage increase of 12.2% k, now has dropped its estimate to 6.9%. Turnover will still be falling with a drop of 2% instead of a growth of 2%. We remember that the drop in sales that will almost certainly occur this year will be the first ever in the history of computer science in the computer sector.

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