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Can Apple block suspicious software on the iPhone?

Can Apple block suspicious software on the iPhone? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Jonathan Zdziarski author of two books on the iPhone: iPhone Forensics manual and iPhone Open Application Development. Just by performing a forensic examination on an iPhone 3G, he discovered what appears to be a particular security system integrated by Apple within a configuration file.

According to Zdziarski's statements, iPhone can link to a sort of blacklist that contains the name of the applications that Apple wants to block. The code in question tracked by the researcher would be well hidden in an iPhone configuration file, inside CoreLocation. Examining the code, Zdziarski identified on the Internet the web page of the black list where Apple could insert the name of the applications to be deactivated if necessary.

As imaginable, the news is making the rounds of all Internet sites dedicated to technology and in particular those related to the iPhone and the Mac, among them iPhone Atlas. Although understandable a mechanism of this type for security needs and also for business applications, if the news proves to be well founded then Apple could in fact deactivate the applications that have already been installed and paid for by the iPhone user.

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