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Black Friday: discounts on the Play Store

As the title suggests, we can say that Big Google, on the day of 'Black Friday?Has decided to discount different applications and games on its online store, that is Play Store. However, currently there are not many apps and games that are discounted on the store, but most likely during this day, we will be able to note how other developers will also decide to discount their applications. We can see among the Android apps, the first application, or 'HD Widgets', which now has a price of only $ 1.49.

The second app which was now discounted, 'Go Launcher Prime' at a price of just $ 2.99. The third application that presents a discount, thanks to the Black Friday ?Today Calendar Widgets, priced at $ 1.60. The fourth app, or 'Swiftkeys Keyboard', is priced at $ 3.66. Another app you can buy 'SketchBook Pro' for just $ 3.99. Still among the apps: 'Plex Forma Android' at a price of only $ 1.90. Also on sale is Battery Widget which costs $ 2.49. Instead, among the discounted games, we find ?Riptide GP for $ 0.99. ?The Amazing Spider-Man? was also discounted, now on the Play Store for $ 0.99. Another discount game 'The Bard's Tale' for $ 0.99. Again, among the games: ?Shadowrun Returns for $ 0.99. ?Total Dar Battles? also discounted for just $ 0.99.

Also on sale is 'Frozen Synapse' at $ 3.26. In addition, the 'Anomaly Korea' Play Store also has a discount of $ 0.99. Even 'Spirits' for $ 0.99. Contre Jour ad for the price of only 0.99. Still among the games: Order & Chaos Online ?for $ 0.99. 'Nerd maybe Speed ??Most Wanted' was also discounted for just $ 1.99. Incredipede at a price of $ 0.99. Even 'Choplifter HD' for $ 0.99. Finally, ?Anodyne? was also discounted, now on the Play Store for $ 0.99. I remind all Android users that some games and apps have been discounted only for today, for Black Friday, while others will remain on sale for a week.


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