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Big Win Soccer debuts on the Play Store: trading cards and football …

Trading card game together with the most beautiful sport in the world, the football! This is the last effort of the guys from Hothead Games, that after Big Win Hockey release Big Win Soccer, the collectible and upgradeable card game with a football background!

The game we are presenting has made its debut on Play Store a few hours ago, and it seems to follow the excellent success of Big Win Hockey, the game dedicated to ice sports. The aim of the game will be to compose your own football team using the cards of your players and enhance them using "skill" cards: you know Magic The Gathering? Here, imagine that instead of a fantasy world of magical and legendary creatures you are on a football field.

It is possible to customize your players or open the various in-game card packages to get new players to deploy on the pitch or new upgrades. The whole game is also seasoned with excellent graphics and sound that make the experience more enjoyable.

Here is an illustrative video of the game and the download link via the Play Store Google.

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