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Best game of the week Spoing: trampolines, what a passion!

The game that we propose with this appointment of "Best Android game of the week" Spoing: slingshots and trampolines in a fantasticpuzzle game!

If you love puzzle games, you cannot miss this application, developed by GAMES2BE, from your personal collection. The aim of the game will be to "slash" our friend higher and higher and be able to conquer as many gems as possible within each level, challenging the laws of physics and paying attention to the various enemies positioned along our way, who will try to make you really difficult life.

We can also use the green colored gems to build holdings to facilitate our climb, and thus earn as many points as possible. The levels in the game are around 50 and if we also consider that graphics and sound have been well developed by programmers, we can very well say that this application will surely catch a lot of users.

Here is a video gameplay and download of the game on Play Store of Google, reminding you that the game is available in a lite or paid version.

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