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Apple works on a super compact and lightweight GaN power supply

GaN power supplies made with gallium nitride are much smaller, lighter and also much more efficient than those built with traditional technology (we talked about it in more detail in this article): Apple would be working on a GaN power supply that could arrive as early as this year . In addition to significantly reducing overall dimensions and weight, it may be able to recharge multiple devices simultaneously, automatically adjusting the power according to the connected device.

Some reports indicate that it would be a 65W GaN power supply with USB C port and also fast charging, but it is not clear if these details and technical specifications refer to the Apple accessory or to a power supply from another manufacturer, more precisely from Xiaomi.

GaN power supplies, what they are and which to choose

This is because in reality the original report, which comes from IT Home, in addition to indicating the work in progress inside Apple for a GaN power supply, reveals similar plans for several other big and well-known brands of consumer electronics, including Samsung, Huawei , Xiaomi and also Oppo.

At the time of writing it is not possible to establish the reliability of the anticipation. In any case, taking into account the numerous and substantial advantages of the new GaN power supplies compared to the traditional ones, it is not surprising that Apple and other important brands are working to offer one to the list to their customers.

Eggtronic at CES 2020 between consumer wireless technologies and advanced research

Indeed, it is even strange that Apple and the brands mentioned above have not moved previously, given that some models are already available on the market proposed by some well-known and appreciated manufacturers of accessories (many are already available from this Amazon page), among to which we report Anker, Aukey, Mu, RAVPower. We also report the Italian Eggtronic with Sirius 65W: the world's smallest 65W laptop charger designed to reduce size and weight compared to all other standard adapters

Five times smaller, the smallest and lightest 65 W USB Power Delivery adapter on the market: on the news coming from Eggtronic, including a 118W GaN power supply, see our report on Eggtronic products from CES 2020.

About the GaN power supplies, how they work and also advice on which model to choose (for iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other devices) we talked extensively in this article.