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Apple laptops to inform the world

Apple laptops to inform the world logomacitynet1200wide 1

CNN is also approaching the Apple world. The largest network of information in the world for some time had started experimenting with the use of Mac laptops for the acquisition and editing of digital films, particularly in difficult or "extreme" situations. A few days ago the confirmation that the use of machines with the Apple will become increasingly frequent for CNN operators and journalists, according to some sources, in fact, the network management has signed a contract valid for 18 months with an Apple specialist for the installation and support of laptops for outdoor use and where it is not possible to bring the filmed material to specially equipped studios. The agreement could produce a turnover of 12 million dollars, almost 30 billion lire. There are more and more cases of leading companies in the world that adopting Apple laptops and video solutions testify to the quality of the choices. implemented over the past few years by Cupertino. Products such as FinalCut Pro, Titanium, burning packages but also the G4 and the choices made regarding the connectivity of digital peripherals could give the Steve Jobs company a strategic advantage in a rapidly expanding sector.

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