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Apple: "iPhone 2.02 firmware improves 3G reception"

Apple: "iPhone 2.02 firmware improves 3G reception" logomacitynet1200wide 1

The latest iPhone update was aimed at improving reception on 3G networks. To formalize what several sources suspected Apple itself, on the initiative of its spokeswoman Jennifer Bowcook.

Although the clarification is a step forward compared to traditional hermeticism regarding updates, Cupertino does not provide any other details on the matter. It is not clear, for example, what are the components on which the development team intervened. Associated Press which reported the information was not even able to know what type of improvements of what extent we should expect from the update; According to what is learned from the Internet, where we read that the main responsible for the non-perfect reception of the iPhone in the 3G network is the Infineon chip and that the definitive solution should arrive from Infineon, it is possible that Apple has only tried to buffer the situation. This would explain the feedback not all enthusiastic about the effects produced by firmware 2.02 on compatibility with 3G.

If this were so, we would probably have to wait for the iPhone 2.1 presentation scheduled for September. At that point, with the "major" update, also intended to introduce several new software, Apple may have had the time, together with Infineon, to put more hands on the code and finally give all the iPhones the quality in reception to be expected.

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