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Apple at the MacExpo in London

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Apple will participate in the independent MacExpo MacExpo event in London at the end of November. The British edition of MacWorld says that today the local branch of Cupertino will officially announce its decision.If the indiscretion turns out to be correct it would be a relevant fact. Since the return of Jobs to the command of the Apple company, he has no longer taken part in any independent event or trade shows despecialized but only a few well-identified exhibitions reserved exclusively for the Mac. Specifically for the two American and Japanese MacWorlds and the Apple Expo in Europe held every year in Paris. Canceled all the reviews, more or less small, that were held in various countries of the world, also canceled all the initiatives of the local European branches.In particular, the choice not to participate in any event in Europe other than Apple Expo had aroused some perplexity in many users of the old continent. Among the less happy of the decision, British users who had decided to organize an event in London on their own. Last year, despite the fact that Apple had not joined and there were no stands of major companies such as Adobe and Quark, the review had had great success with the public. Hence, perhaps, the rethinking of Apple.

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