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AppAddict for iPhone, iPad and iPod is here: a new alternative to Installous


AppAddict a new alternative to Installous for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Let's see how it works and how to download free games, programs and paid apps

A few weeks ago the method to perform the Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad and iPod updated to iOS 6.1.

We told you about it here:


Obviously we have offered you the complete and detailed guide to jailbreak your Apple devices in an easy, fast and safe way. But it was still not enough.

With the jailbreak, in fact, we then saw how download and install many games, applications and programs for free on iPhone, iPad and iPod, all material that would normally be paid and that you can have completely free of charge.

We have proposed you various methods to download and install programs and games for free on Apple devices, but today we offer you a new alternative to the many already proposed.

Here is the link to the article:

As you know, unfortunately a few weeks ago the famous Installous website has closed its doors: was the best and best known website to download free programs for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Fortunately, however, alternatives are not lacking. What we offer today, therefore, a new and interesting application, alternative to Installous, to download and install paid programs, applications and games completely free of charge on Apple devices.

So here you are AppAddict, the new and excellent alternative to Installous.Let's find out what it is and how AppAddict works, an alternative to Installous.

To begin with, we point out that You can use and install AppAddict directly from any Apple device, without going through Cydia and without adding any repository.

This AppAddict to work relies directly on a proprietary website, which offers a theme in full Apple style: pity that it is a collector of illegal applications, games and programs

In addition to the graphics, AppAddict also directly takes up the categories of the AppStore: in this way navigation within it will be simple, fast and immediate, given that you already know the graphics of the AppStore. Obviously the site is constantly updated to offer more and more applications, games and programs, even if the number of software already present is really excellent.

After this brief introduction on AppAddict, let's see in detail how it works and what it offers.

First of all, to use AppAddict, you need to install the official application. To do this, follow these steps directly from your device:

  1. Copy and paste this link into Safari:
  2. Once the site is open, just slide it and the app will be installed on your device (currently not optimized for iPad)


Once AppAddict is installed, you will only be left with:

  • start the AppAddict program
  • search for the app you need
  • click on it
  • move to the Links category and choose which browser to download it to on your device.
  • enter the security captcha code
  • wait for the application to download and install.

All very simple, fast and immediate, right?

I also point out that the store is not only usable on iPhone, iPad and iPod, but also via Mac and PC, going directly to the AppAddict homepage.

Once you have downloaded the applications and games for your devices, then you can transfer them via SSH to your devices. Obviously this step is recommended for large applications and games.

Screen 2013-02-15 at 19.41.54

Well, we're done.

Try this method and let me know if you can download and install applications and games for free on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Recall that, obviously, for the correct installation of the App you need to install AppSync from Cydia.

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