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Angry Birds heikki: angry feathers soon on the road?

In every Formula 1 championship we see Kovalainen speeding with his car up and down the track with the helmet that represents the feather of angry Birds, but have you ever wondered why?

If you try to find, this site will appear where you can see the title very clearly Angry Birds heikkiand the red feather very similar to that represented on Kovalain's helmet very aggressive and angry. Above we can see the writing warming up (warming up) and slightly more sottunchunching (throwing) followed by the numbers 18.6.

It is therefore easy to deduce that theJune 18, practically a month from today,a title inherent with Formula 1 should arrive. Who knows what he has in mind this time, Roverio, s a game in which our little birds will be launched behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car or a real new first-person chapter where we will take on the role of a rather angry Kovalainen.

Unfortunately, just as happened for Angry Birds Space, for now nothing is known about it except the small teaser, therefore we just have to wait until June 18 or the days immediately before to find out what lies behind the thoughts of the Rovio developers . The curiosity certainly a lot, we hope that new clues will arrive soon.


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