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Android tethering functionality

As the title suggests, we can say that 'Tethering?A feature introduced on all devices based on an Android operating system updated to version 2.2, which have 3G technology. We are talking about a feature that allows you to share the connection 3G with other devices. So in this way the smartphone becomes a sort of gateway between an external network and the device that will have the possibility to connect.

It means that the device will have a connection to the network of your telephone operator, however it will be connected to another network, created directly from your device, whether it is a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. Also, remember that tethering can be either Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or even USB. As for Wi-Fi, the terminal will act as an 'Access Point' and therefore create a network Wifi through which users can connect their device. In addition, I remind everyone that this Tethering allows a rather simple configuration, has universal operation and can connect several devices at the same time. However, there is a disadvantage, in fact this operation requires a high energy consumption of the device, therefore, it is recommended to charge the terminal when the tethering with Wi-fi will be carried out. In addition, the user will also have the option to create a password for protection. Instead with regard to tethering via Bluetooth, this similar to the one listed above. But to perform tethering via Bluetooth you need to perform a first configuration.

While, for tethering via USB, the availability of a USB cable of the device being used is required, in this way it will be possible to share the connection, but only via computer. In order to carry out the data sharing methods it is necessary to go to Men> Settings> Wireless and networks> Other> Tethering / Hotspot portable. However, I remember that tethering has an additional and different cost, depending on your telephone operator. I remind all Android users that many phone deals have tethering. So, in order to choose which APN you will have to use when tethering is carried out, it is essential to check the menu Settings> Wireless and networks / Other> Mobile Networks> Names of access points. When you open your APN it will be advisable to check that the 'supl' item is available. Differently, users will have the possibility to delete additional APNs that have the indication 'supl'. Furthermore, the indication 'default' will inform the terminal of any APN that will be used as an alternative.

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