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Android Guide: ZArchiver how to open rar files on the Android platform

I want to report to all Android users'ZArchiver', That is, we are talking about a totally free application that gives the possibility of being able to open rar files on the Android operating system. This app allows you to view and extract the contents of zip or rar files and any other type of file on your mobile device or Tablet. As for its use, this somewhat simple and intuitive given its interface. So for all those who wish to download 'ZArchiver', all they have to do is go to the Android online store and proceed with the operation.

First of all, in order to use the essential app, follow simple tips, in fact you need to go to a site that has the rar file, then you must click on the link itself, in this way the download will begin. When the file is downloaded, it will be appropriate to expand the Android notification area, then it will be necessary to select the notification regarding the rar file downloaded. After performing this operation, the program will be activated which will automatically open the file. Subsequently, the user will have to choose the type of file he wants to view or extract from within the archive. So, you will have to click on the file itself and so we will notice a menu through which it will be possible to choose the 'extract' or 'open' file. In addition, you can open a rar file by browsing some archives that have been previously downloaded. At this point, to perform this essential operation, start ZArchiver directly from the application menu, then select the specific folder where the rar file you want to extract or view is present.

In this way, after clicking on the icon of thearchive, the user can select items from the menu. If he chooses the 'view' item, he will be able to view the contents of the file without having to extract it. Instead, with the item 'extract here' all the contents of the archive will be extracted. While, if the user selects the item 'extract to ./[ archive name]', the contents of the file of a folder with the same name will be extracted. Furthermore, selecting 'extract' will copy all the files from the archive to the desired folder. Besides this, with this very useful application, the user will also have the possibility of being able to create archives 7z or zip. So, as regards these two types of files, it is useful to take advantage of the appropriate menu and select the 'compress' item, which will allow you to choose some advanced compression settings.

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