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Android 4.4 installation guide on the Nexus 4

Google has finally unveiled the new operating system Android 4.4 Kitkat, which is now installed on the new Nexus 5 and which will soon also appear on other devices. If for you are owners of a Nexus 4 and you don't want to wait for the official version of this firmware, today we are going to see how you can install Android 4.4 on your Nexus 4 now, following the steps of the guide that we propose below within the article.

To run the installation guide of Android 4.4 on the Nexus 4 you will need to have a device on which the root procedure was performed. Obviously this firmware will not be 100% perfect on your device, but it is a valid possibility to try the new Android 4.4 operating system today. We recommend the execution of this guide only to those who are already experienced in modding procedures on Android.

  • First download the ROM from this XDA thread. Try the old version first, if there are problems download the latest version;
  • now connect on Nexus 4 to the computer with a microUSB cable, go to File Explorer and open the internal storage folder of your Nexus 4;
  • Drag the Android 4.4 KitKat ROM just downloaded to the memory root;
  • turn off the device;
  • start the system in recovery mode by holding down the Power and volume keys simultaneously, when you enter this mode you will have to use the volume buttons to move between the options and the power button to select them;
  • you should see an Android with the word start on it. Press the Volume down key until the is indicated Recovery Mode and press the power button. The device will be started to recover;
  • make a backup of your device by going to the section Backup and Restore, wipe data / factory reset and follow the instructions until the phone is reset;
  • go to the cache cache partition and follow the instructions;
  • now go inadvanced and select Dalvik cache and follow the instructions.

Now we can install the ROM:

  • Go inInstall Zip> Install Zip From / sdcard> 0 / and select the ROM (it should be or something similar);
  • now wait for the device to be installed and restarted, it will take a while.

After this you will have your Android 4.4 on the Nexus 4.

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