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Aliens on the desktop

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Aliens vs Predator Gold Edition being duplicated. The game, sequel to a title that in the PC world has aroused great interest by gathering a plethora of fans, should be available for our platform in a few days. To announce MacPlay, a historical name of the playful universe for Mac that with Aliens returns to the business (even if managed by a different commercial reality) with a possible block buster after the reappearance of a few months ago. MacPlay claims that the game, compatible with both MacOs X and traditional MacOs, offers great stability as well as a higher level speed.We remember that the saga of Aliens vs Predator allows the player to immerse himself in a 3D world in which in the first person can be fought by filling the role of either Alien, or Predator or a marine. The available levels are 40, plus another nine in the Millennium Expansion Pack. Among the most suitable titles MacPlay Giant Citizen Kabuto and Sacrifice. A demo version of Alien vs Predator already available for a few days at the Game Ranger website.

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