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Airport 2: Intel first

Airport 2: Intel first logomacitynet1200wide 1

Intel may be the first major IT company to bring products based on IEEE 802.11a, the new version of WiFi, technology used by Airport but 5 times faster. The news leaked by Intel itself which has already set a hypothetical time window during which the 'WiFi on steroids' will see the light: next autumn.WiFi 2 will have an available bandwidth of 54 Mbps against only 11 in Airport, quite to support wireless networks in environments with many computers and therefore suitable for reality requests such as Internet Cafes, large educational systems, etc. etc. The first devices to use IEEE 802.11a will be a desktop connectivity system, a PC Card for laptops and a hardware device similar to Airport.At the moment the greatest difficulty for the spread of 802.11a is its incompatibility with 802.11b . In the case of installation of a machine with card with WiFi 2 in an environment covered by traditional WiFi it would therefore not be possible to go online. This will result in a slowdown in the adoption of the standard pending that some companies, which are already providing, will create systems capable of communicating with both the previous and the most recent version. The same hub, the Airport Base Station, of Intel will be compatible with both IEEE 802.11b and with IEEE 802.11a facilitating the adoption at realities that will adopt the WiFi system for the first time. It will also change the frequency that will be from 5 GHz, less used than the 2.4 GHz frequency, the same as some wireless telephones, microwave ovens and other electronic devices, which is used by Airport by limiting interference. The prices of the new WiFi 2-based systems will cost more than Current WiFi. A PC Card will cost $ 179 in the US, about 380,000 lire, an access point will cost $ 449, about a million. Very likely Apple will adopt IEEE 802.11a in a future release of its machines. Given that Apple adopts Airport across the board, compatibility with current boards will be a problem to be carefully assessed and which could lead to great prudence for the adoption of the new system.

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