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AirPods Pro Lite do not yet exist but are affected by Coronavirus

It cannot be just a case: the hypothetical Airpods Pro Lite were indicated the first time with the worsening of the Coronavirus epidemic and Apple's plans to transfer part of the production outside China; subsequently, again for the epidemic, the estimated date of commencement of production would later shift later.

Now another report still indicates for Airpods Pro Lite a new manufacturer, an addition in the supply chain that Apple seems to have made to cope with the slow recovery of factories and all activities in China. It is the Taiwanese USI who will join Amkor, the Chinese JCET and the Japanese Murata.

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With factories and factories in Taiwan, USI, which is part of the ASE Technology group, will deal with the SiP, System in Package, with orders that are expected to contribute to other Taiwanese companies to make parts and components, as DigiTimes points out. Thus it seems that Apple's strategy for Airpods Pro Lite is that of geographical differentiation, useful for speeding up operations in the time of the Coronavirus and for avoiding other similar scenarios in the future. A strategy that could contain possible delays and postponements as indicated in the past few days.

So even if the fancy name raises more than one suspect, there seems to be a real product behind it. For some it may be a new version of Airpods Pro but without noise cancellation. According to others, however, they would be completely different headsets, for example a new model of AirPods entry level or, better yet, a new model of Beats earphones.

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