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Administer your Tumblr account using an android smartphone

Tumblr a decidedly atypical social network. The main purpose of this platform is not so much the social aspect but the creation of real blogs in which to write and share photos and videos. The social part in this application always remains relegated to a private level without becoming the main aspect. A tumblelog, this is the name that is given to these blogs, therefore has not only attractive graphics and the space to create the site but also the possibility of obtaining a comfortable and intuitive platform.

The possibility also to manage your account Tumblr directly from an android smartphone a really good opportunity making this platform even more usable. The main screen is very intuitive and consists of a top bar with four icons: home, search, settings and notifications. Among the settings, you can decide to load posts by activating or deactivating them using an ON / OFF switch. At the bottom right there is the button to start using this social network. Touching that button opens a screen with seven arched icons. Using these icons, you can insert respectively from top to bottom: video, chat, insert links, insert quotes, insert photos, create photos and exit the application. To insert a video then just touch the camera icon. From the video screen there is the possibility to create one at the moment, by touching the button with the camera with a +, or add one from the gallery by touching the settings button, 'last. Touching the second button instead opens a new conversation. The third button, added link, opens a new screen with three text boxes in which to insert: title, url and description with the button in the bar at the top to publish it. The first and last entries are optional, I always do well to put them on. Same thing for the fourth key, the one for the quotes. In this case only the voices change. In fact there are two lines: one to insert the quote and the other the source. The photo section, the fifth button, very similar to the video section only that this time instead of the camera there is an image of a camera. Finally the button inherent to the posts. In this case, in the first line the title must be entered while in the text box the content. The last button is used to return to the main screen.

With Tumblrandroid is enriched with new features. The mobility offered by devices such as smartphones and tablets has a positive impact on all those who work through the internet.

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