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Administer your blogger account directly from your smartphone

Blogger a free blogging service now present on the net for over ten years. The ease of creating and customizing a blog has made this platform extremely popular. The creation of the application for devices Android has brought a very important update in a context, such as the current one, in which the mobile landscape is getting more and more consensus.

Google has made a free app available for Android so you can manage your Blogger blog via a smartphone at any time. Thanks to this product you can insert posts and save them or publish them immediately, edit existing ones in a few minutes, view the list of saved posts, jump from one blog to another, insert a picture in the post or in the gallery, add labels to the blog and information on the geographical position in which you are located.

Before starting to use this application you will be asked to add your gmail account and authorization to access it. The other preparation procedures are automatic such as registration to blogger if there is no activated account. On the main facade there are three tabs: Tutti, Publicato and Bozza. The meaning easily understood. In the first one you can find all the articles, both published and drafts. In addition, by touching the button with the pen icon, you can insert and edit posts. Finally, to insert new images just touch the camera icon and then choose the file from the folder. The Blogger application for Android an excellent solution for those who want to write without having to give up traveling.

Thanks for subscribing! Please check your email for further instructions.