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ADB Installer in 15 seconds, now possible with the XDA tool

The future of modding sar, as outlined by the same team as CyanogenMod several times in the new objectives, aimed at a process of installation without complications, fully usable even by non-niche users who are unfamiliar with terms and procedures which, as well known to many, although already optimized, have a minimum percentage of risk of damage to the device, the latter a rare occurrence but which statistically remains and drives away a good slice of enthusiasts intimidated by the idea.

While waiting for this future to become present, the developer snoop5, belonging to the team of XDA, made this goal a little less distant thanks to ADB Installer, or a very interesting Windows tool that will allow you to install theAndroid Debug Bridge in a maximum of just 15 seconds and all eliminating many worries for users, the software in fact optimized to reduce the impact in terms of memory, you will not have to download the package of over 100 MB, as well as the system, regardless of the type the software will automatically install the most appropriate based on your operating system whether 32 or 64 bit.

The ADB Installer package barely weighs 9 MB and automatically installs the fastboot and all the necessary drivers, greatly simplifying the approach as it may have been in demand for some time. The well illustrated project in the specific XDA thread, present at the link at the end of the article, within which you will also find all the download links:

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