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32 GB iPhone and 64 GB iPod touch thanks to Toshiba?

32 GB iPhone and 64 GB iPod touch thanks to Toshiba? logomacitynet1200wide 1

With a press release released a few hours ago, Toshiba announced the launch of new 32 GB integrated NAND Flash memories. The record of capacity for this type of memory has been reached thanks to the 43 nanometer production process for the realization of 32 Gigabit chips, equal to 4 GB. The integrated solution in a single package houses 8 new memory chips, for a total of 32 GB of Flash memory together with control circuits for writing and reading data.

The Toshiba solution addressed to all markets and compact devices that require a large memory capacity with a minimum footprint: mobile phones, video cameras, portable GPS devices and so on. Obviously Toshiba mentions the products without mentioning any manufacturer or brand name that integrates the memory circuits made, it is worth remembering that the memory chips present inside the iPhone belong to Toshiba. The Japanese manufacturer, the second largest in the world in the field of Flash, one of Apple's main suppliers. In practice, today there are the technologies to make a 32 GB iPhone and / or a 64GB iPod touch.

As for availability, Toshiba reports that the first samples of the new Flash memories will be available in September, while mass production will begin in the autumn. Nobody can predict Apple's decisions but a memory upgrade could be on the list of things to do from here to Christmas.

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