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10 FaceTime alternatives for Android

Apple's FaceTime a versatile and popular way to make video and audio calls, but what if you're on Android? What can you use then? Fortunately, there are a number of great FaceTime alternatives that will work on your Android phone, and many of them are free. Here are 10 that will help you stay in touch with friends, whether you want to talk, see us or just send messages.

10 best FaceTime alternatives for Android

1. Google Hangouts

Google's messaging service, Hangouts, is one of the best ways to stay in touch with friends on Android. You can send Hangouts or text messages through the app, call any phone number in the world (using the relevant Hangouts Dialer app) and get free voice and video calls to other Hangouts users. You can even link it to your Google Voice account for voicemail and call integration.

With video and audio calls; messaging skills; simple sending of GIFs, animations, stickers and maps and a price of $ 0, Hangouts is an excellent option for Android users who want to be able to communicate in many different ways with other Android users. Its ability to send text messages and integrate with the phone and voicemail sets it apart from the limited scope of FaceTime. easy to convince your friends to download a free app and you can also make calls to regular phone numbers. On Android, Hangouts are difficult to beat.

Note: the use of the Hangouts dialer to dial phone numbers not available in all countries; Argentina, China, Cuba, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates, among others, will not be able to use it. To see if your country is listed, check out this Google help article.

2. Facebook Messenger

Almost ubiquitous as Google Hangouts Facebook Messenger, Facebook's integrated communication tool. In addition to video calls (available in most countries), it offers instant messaging and VoIP audio calling features, and since almost everyone uses Facebook, it's easy to get in touch with your friends. You can also send messages to people who are not on your Facebook friends list by adding their phone number.

You can share photos and videos via the instant messaging service, see when people have read your messages, create groups for commonly contacted friends, and even create shortcuts to get to conversations from the home screen. If most of your friends on Facebook, Messenger can act as a go-to app for communicating on Android. Being able to connect with anyone on your Facebook friends list makes Messenger a better bet than FaceTime for many people.

3. Skype

Everyone knows Skype, the biggest name in video calls and has a lot of interesting features. The Android app offers the audio and video calls you're used to on your computer, as well as instant messaging so you can stay in touch with your friends, regardless of whether they're online or not. Since so many people have the Skype app on their phones, it may even replace text messaging to communicate with many of your friends.

You can also call cell and landline numbers with Skype, which means you can talk to people who don't have the app. The cost per minute is rather low, so if you don't make many calls, you can use it to integrate a very small conversation plan from your supplier. The mobile app also allows you to send recorded video messages that your friends can view later. And of course, available on all platforms, so you can use it on all your devices instead of limiting yourself only to Apple products.

4. Viber

When messaging apps started to become popular, Viber was a bestseller; the app built its initial popularity and becomes a more complete communication application that can easily replace FaceTime for many users. You can make free video and audio calls, send messages and even share your location via the app.

Viber Out allows you to call non-Viber users on their mobile or landline numbers with low rates, similar to Skype. The main advantage of Viber that is already very popular, so if you are looking to download an app that probably your friends will have, Viber is a good bet. The free app too, so you can try it out before dedicating yourself to your main communication app.

5. ooVoo

Originally a video call app, ooVoo grown to offer a wide range of useful communication features for app users. Free audio and video calls to other users, the ability to purchase credits to call other numbers in over 70 countries (the full list available from ooVoo), and all text messages are included. You can make multi-way video calls with up to 12 people, making OoVoo suitable for video conferencing and regular chats.

Other interesting features include the ability to send photo and video messages, video call recording and PC support to watch YouTube videos with other people at the same time during the call. ooVoo also claims to provide some of the best video quality available, so you can be sure that it will look best when you talk to your friends or colleagues.

6. Tango

As with the other apps on this list, Tango offers free audio and video calls to other users of the app, as well as calling other numbers at a lower cost. But Tango also adds social networking features, including posting updates, profiles and sharing photos. You can also save chats to a favorite list and participate in group chats.

Interestingly, Tango can also help you meet new people: you can participate in trendy group chats as if you were a chatroom, where you can interact with people interested in the same topics. You can scroll through the profile tabs to find the people you care about, making Tango almost an dating app. If you are looking for an integrated call and a social app, just like that.


Like Tango, LINE aims to combine communication and social networking. You can make free audio and video calls to other users of the app, send messages and share photos, videos and GPS coordinates with your contacts. On a social level, you can publish updates on your history, follow celebrities and official accounts and comments on others' posts.

In addition to all this, LINE aims to help you find new ways to use your phone to use by sharing the company's recommended entertainment and lifestyle apps. LINE also available on PC, so you can keep in touch with friends and news whether you are traveling or at home.

8. ZOOM Cloud Meetings

Although designed to be used as a video conferencing app to communicate with colleagues, ZOOM can be used as a video call app to emulate FaceTime features too. Just turn it on when you're on wifi or use the data plan and you can invite up to 25 people to join the call.

You can also send group texts, images and audio and share photos and other files from Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. If you're looking for a FaceTime replacement for Android and you're going to invite the people you work with, the ZOOM app is a great way to go. There is also a desktop version, so you can talk to people if they are on their cell phone or in their office.

9. fring

Another free app for video, audio and text, fring advertises many of the same things that other apps do: group calls with up to four friends, free communication with other fring users on multiple platforms and low call rates to numbers mobile and landline in over 200 countries with fringOut. They also pride themselves on having superior video quality with their DVQ technology.

One of the nice things about fring that you can register with your phone number instead of a username and password, eliminating the need to remember another set of user credentials. If your friends are willing to download a new app, fring should be a contender.

10. Imo

With over 850,000 five-star ratings, Imo is one of the most popular video calling apps in the Google Play Store. Free audio and video calls, free messaging, group chat, video and photo sharing. . . it offers just about everything you could want in a messaging app.

Imo also announces that chats and calls are encrypted, a feature shared with FaceTime (which has been rated one of the safest communication methods). Although Imo does not share the details of the encryption, you can be sure that your communications will be secure.

FaceTime for Android? You do not need it

FaceTime is a fantastic app for iPhone and iPad, but there is no Android version of the app; luckily, you don't need it! There are tons of free audio and video apps that you can use to communicate with your friends and family. Make sure everyone is willing to download the same app so you can keep everyone in touch.