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With Music Rescue 4.0 you can recover music from iPod

By now the computer has also become the archive for their music for everyone: it is not uncommon to meet people with a hard disk particularly clogged with mp3 files, perhaps managed via iTunes and loaded on their large iPod. The most serious problem is to deal with accidents serious path, which could irreparably damage the hard disk and make all music tracks on the Mac (or PC) unrecoverable.

A possible solution would be to recover all your music library from the iPod; iTunes only allows the recovery of songs downloaded from the iTunes Store. You must therefore turn to applications such as Music Rescue 4.0, a KennettNet Software Limited program, which allows you to recover all your music library from the iPod with great simplicity, also deciding to reorganize it at the time of recovery.

In addition, the program also allows you to listen to the songs contained on the iPod directly from the Apple mp3 player, without having to copy the tracks locally to your computer. Music Rescue works with both Mac and Windows systems. The trial version can be downloaded directly from the official product page. for the final version a cost of around 13 euros is required.