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With Candle Touch the candle becomes a connected accessory

In the rush to make everything connected and smart (including shoes and other accessories), there are those who have thought of making one of the oldest lighting tools connected: the candle with the wick dipped in wax.

This "accessory" has existed for centuries, the ancient Romans already used rudimentary candles, initially built from hemp cords dipped in pitch or animal wax, and were widespread before the arrival of electricity, a common source of lighting, alongside of the oil lamp, used for centuries thanks also to the low coto of the materials.

Even the traditional candle is now a connected accessory

The connected candle Candle Touch allows you to light the wick remotely through the app and made with the traditional block of wax of vegetable origin (coconut). The ignition takes place via a resistance that is powered by a rechargeable battery integrated in the base. A Bluetooth chip takes care of the management and the whole system can be controlled with an Android or iOS app (iPhone and iPad) with which it is possible to manage up to 10 Candle Touch candles.

Even the traditional candle is now a connected accessory

We do not know if and how much the product can be really useful, but whoever wants can offer his contribution to the project on Kickstarter (the well-known collective funding site for creative projects). The duration of the light indicated for 40 hours and the creators explain that it is possible to replace the block of wax and choose from 9 fragrances.

The IDE was patented in the United States, Japan, Europe and Israel. At the time of writing, the creators have almost reached the set goal and with 46 euros it is possible to obtain the reusable base and a scented candle. The final price to the public will be $ 79 and accessory deliveries are scheduled for September.

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