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The relationship between Kodak and Microsoft is calm and the two companies, today, could announce an agreement that will put an end to the controversies that in recent months, and even very recently, have aroused fiery declarations and threats to appeal to federal courts and tribunals. At the root of the dispute is the software for manipulating digital images included in XP. According to Kodak, Microsoft would have operated in such a way as to prevent or make it very difficult for a camera manufacturer to install a program other than the Redmond brand and to have forced those who wished to appear on a list of services for printing images to make expensive contracts . In addition to this, Kodak had openly stated that when connecting a Kodak digital camera and installing a Kodak XP driver, it presented a misleading dialog box on the basis of which it was insinuated that the drivers could cause operating system malfunctions. Allegations rejected by the sender from Microsoft who had transferred the responsibility for the drivers to Kodak ("they don't know how to write software", Ballmer had said with little tact) reiterating that it was Kodak who wanted to operate in a monopoly regime within XP since he asked that his EasyShare application be called every time a digital machine was connected. According to the agreement, which should be announced today, all these differences and difficulties would appear to be overcome. Microsoft would, in fact, have agreed not to make a window appear. dialogue that invites the use of proprietary applications when connecting a camera digital ica and Kodak for its part would simply claim that its software does not become standard for every digital camera but only for its cameras. Kodak will then have the option to submit its driver for approval by Microsoft (a possibility that had previously been denied stating that there was no time to do it) so that no intimidating messages would appear any more. agreed to bring back to the menagerie the powerful lobby that it controls in Washington and that had gone wild growling on the tracks of Microsoft. Among them, the Democratic Senator of New York Charles Schumer who had raised with great clamor heavy suspicions about the continuation of anti-competitive techniques at Microsoft precisely based on the "digital photo" affair. That Schumer will be recalled in his place because "now everything OK" makes it clear the Kodak spokesman Anthony Sanzio. "We will ensure that the legislators and all the realities involved in the matter know at what point now the situation, We are satisfied with the agreement, but there are still some things to be finalized, we plan to do it in private" Among the "details" from to fix there would also be the problem of printing services. Kodak claims that Microsoft is asking for millions of dollars to appear on a preloaded list in XP. Kodak calls for labs using competing paper and processes (such as Fuji) to be expelled.

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