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USBFever is learned to launch the hardware unlock for iPhone 3G

Now the race to unlock the iPhone 3G started: after the DevTeam, engaged in the release of its software version of the unlocking for iPhone, the ever-present USBfever about to release a hardware unlock.

It is a very thin strip of FPC, only 0.1mm thick, which will adhere to the SIM, succeeding thanks to the fineness of the accessory, to fit perfectly into the iPhone 3G SIM slot. It will be necessary to cut your SIM, even if at a minimum, but the use of this gadget will allow you to exclude any possible damage (hardware or software) to your phone, without voiding the warranty in any way.

For all those in the world who have a locked iPhone, the USBFever accessory is convenient, allowing you to use the iPhone with any operator. Compatible with firmware 2.0, the SIM unlock will be on sale at USBFever starting August 20 at a cost of $ 35.