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Tim Cook persecuted by a stalker

Recently identified Santa Clara (California) court documents reveal that Apple has filed and obtained a temporary restraining order against a stalker who molested and threatened Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives.

The ordeal for Cook according to OneZero's Dave Gershgorn, which began when a man, the 42-year-old Rakesh "Rocky" Sharma, called an unspecified Apple executive on the phone on September 25 and October 2, 2019, leaving "disturbing" voicemails on the answering machine . In following calls to Apple's telephone support, the man made threats claiming he knew where various company executives lived: "I don't shoot but they know people who do it."

The situation worsened on the night of December 4, with the alleged stalker passing through a closed gate on Cook's private property in Palo Alto to bring flowers and champagne. After a short time he tagged Cook in a series of tweets with "sexualized" and "inappropriate" photos with references to the Apple executive.

A second violation of private property occurred on January 15 with the man who entered Cook's private property from the same gate and rang the bell on the door. the police were called but the intruder escaped before the agents arrived. Apple security specialist William Burns indicated details in the documents for the initiation of the proceeding.

On February 6, Apple's lawyers sent an email to notify the man that the company would have requested a restraining order against him since it would not have followed up on requests to stop contacting employees and the Apple executive team.

Finally, a temporary restraining injunction was issued which forces Sharma to stay away from Cook, the CEO's private property and Apple Park. In the precautionary measures it was foreseen that man must also stay away from Apple executives, from Apple's corporate offices and also from Apple retail stores. The order will end on March 3, when the man will be listened to during the preliminary review.