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TIM 119: update to version 3.1.13 and many new features

One of the most useful applications, that is 119 of TIM, is updated arriving at release with which the telephone operator wanted to introduce a series of news that have completely improved the user experience, as well as solving several bugs that often made it unusable.

Among the main novelties, the graphic restyling carried out on the entire application stands out with a choice, conducted following the suggestions and feedback from users, which has made its use much more pleasant by simplifying even the navigation between the various options available, the latter enriched then more features such as the sections ?TIM services" is "TIM numbers", In addition to the possibility of being able to store credit card data for direct payments, although the circuits are still valid and the total extension should come with the next updates.

The application, as many will know, available for free within the Google Play Store and recommended, especially after this update, for the association and monitoring of your TIM user profile, becoming a mini smartphone operating center where you can perform any operation wherever you are, and all with a simple click.

To download the update, or try this new release directly, you can orient yourself at the following link:

– 119 TIM

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