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The IT market is not recovering

The IT market is not recovering logomacitynet1200wide 1

Those expecting a second half of a slight recovery for the IT market could have misplaced their hopes, according to the still incomplete data held by IDC, in fact, the IT market, contrary to what was stated in the preliminary elaboration of the past weeks will also be negative in the second half of the year. The areas of greatest concern are in Japan, where sales will be worse than expected, but also in Europe and the USA, sales will not be as expected as in the past weeks. In particular, sales in the Asian country have dramatically plummeted in recent months causing a revision of the data for the entire Pacific area. The arrival of XP, expected by many as a sort of cure-all for computer sales, should not bring great benefits, says IDC. "We are very skeptical that the new OS can act as the engine for the market," IDC's Loren Loverde told ZDNet. All this means, on balance, that the second half of the year could see a slight recovery from the downward spikes in the first half but that if recovery will be small and not such as to be considered significant and surely the data will be negative if compared with those of a year ago. If you look further in 2002, you cannot say that IDC's forecasts are extremely optimistic. The investigating firm thinks that key markets will have a slight recovery but to talk about a real recovery we will have to wait for 2003. For Japan, an extremely important country for IT perhaps even later

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