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The future of ATI.

The future of ATI. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Details on the next plans of ATI, once the exclusive supplier of Apple's GPU but in the future perhaps supplanted by nVidia, are flaking.

After the photo of the Radeon 2, and the technical details, here, in the road map (PowerPoint format), you can also read the specifications and timing of the other products. Radeon 2 (R200 with AGP 4x 32 and 64 Mb DDR SDRAM) ready for September together with a simplified version (RV200 with AGP 4x 16, 32 and 64 Mb DDR SDRAM) with rendering capacity (pipelines / data assembly lines) halved compared to the R200 and most likely derived more from the Radeon than from the R200 but both assembled with 0.15 micron technology as both will support multiple displays via Hydravision and DualHead technologies; respectively they will replace the Radeon 32 Mb DDR and the Radeon 32 Mb SDR.

For 2002 the extremely powerful R300 will arrive but at the end of the year also the "minor" versions RV300 and RL300. These GPUs will have a clock higher than 300 MHz (probably 350 MHz).

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