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Stuntman Joe Danger will soon be on Android in the Play Store

Hello Games announced that after landing and having had a great success on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, the cute Joe Danger will also soon arrive on a mobile platform Android.

For those who still do not know it, it is a arcade style racing game starring a slightly out of the ordinary stuntman, Joe Danger. The game features very detailed graphics and bright colors. It will be necessary to guide our pilot between one acrobatics and the other on two wheels, trying to overcome the numerous obstacles that he will encounter in his path.

Sean Murray, co-founder of Hello Games, said how the arrival on smartphones and tablets of this game will not simply be a port with a lot of joypads and virtual keys on the display, but it will be all renewed in order to bring acompletely new gaming experience.

The gameplay will feature some gesture similar to the ones that have made games of the likes of Fruit Ninja or Temple Run popular. Let's see the official announcement of Sean Murray:

The games that people love on iPhone have something in common: their controls are made specifically for the device. Crawling in Temple Run, cutting fruit in Fruit Ninja or pulling a catapult in Angry Birds are controls that work best on a touch screen. I hate virtual D-pads, it seems to be something that exists only to make porting on the touch screen easier.

Joe Danger a game with a lot of very thorough controls. Touch the screen to rear up Joe, move it to influence his balance, clear a barrier or fight with a shark in a shark cage. You have controls that would be impossible on consoles and are much simpler on touch screens.

There is no precise information on the availability of the video game in theGoogle Play Store, but we know for sure that it will arrive a short distance from the official release in the Apple App Store. We hope to see you soon and to be able to communicate its release.

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