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Sticks to the wheels of Microsoft.

Sticks to the wheels of Microsoft. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Will XP change everything after Microsoft? The legitimate question to listen to some rumors circulating in these hours on the Internet. Bill Gates' company seems to have taken into account to change its plans for future operating systems registered in the official timeline right after the presentation of the new OS that will take place in autumn.

As far as the developers knew, Microsoft, after XP (codename "Whistler"), should have started to examine the successor, codename "Blackcomb". Since yesterday, surprising everyone, we have discovered the next Os will have the code name of Longhorn which, moreover, will arrive much further in time. What changes? Only a variation of codenames (as Microsoft All Jim would like to believe that it is justified by email)? Not really because "Blackcomb" should have been an update of XP while "Longhorn" had to be a totally new project. Bill Gates, at the developer conference held in Orlando, Florida, announced not only that "Blackcomb" would be ready for the second half of 2002 but that Internet Explorer would be increasingly integrated into both XP and its successors.

After the significant action of Senator Schumber (which we reported yesterday) someone in Redmond started to worry about all this integration between the single Microsoft products? Maybe Microsoft also prefers to stall for a while in the face of events? Only time will tell

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