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Sony retires eVilla

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Farewell to eVilla. One of the very few web appliances out there goes down in history as an object that was. Sony, which produces it, announced yesterday that it had canceled production and Villa, according to a statement from the Japanese giant, would report problems of stability and functionality. "In fact, eVilla – they say to Sony – does not meet our expectations and does not work as expected". Sony denied that the decision to cancel the production of eVilla would be the consequence of Palm's purchase of Be, which produces its operating system. Some analysts suspect that the technical problems added to the sales that did not meet Sony's expectations, prompting the planners to pull the plug after just three months from the introduction on the market. The fortunes of Internet surfers, a sort of computer with very functional reduced, they were really scarce. Most of them soon left production. Others, although planned, have never been released. This is due to the difficult moment of IT but also to the competition with "real" computers which, although more difficult to use, are able to do much more than go to the Internet and have comparable costs.

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