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SOI does not convince everyone

SOI does not convince everyone logomacitynet1200wide 1

We have often spoken to you about SOI so we will not bore you further, know that now not so certain, at least according to some sources, that this technology, the result of 15 years of work by IBM laboratories, is so revolutionary.

To make us understand are Sun Microsystems and Texas Instruments who have decided not to use SOI for future Sun UltraSparc processors with 0.13 micron technology (built by TI), contrary to what was decided a year ago, based on the promises of IBM.

The technical motivation that pushed them towards this decision would be that "the more the chip sizes are reduced and the more the benefits of SOI technology go down"; The topic was also the subject of specific references by Dennis Buss, one of the managers of Texas Instruments who stressed that the relationship between investment costs, reduced consumption and increased performance does not account for the use of SOI. Sun's David Soy even went so far as to claim that ?SOI is basically a marketing issue. You have to look at what SOI can do, not at the words "Among those who believe in SOI there are big companies in the IT world. In addition to IBM using it in its Power 4 server chips, AMD has also decided to embrace the technology. The PowerPC G4s that will use the 0.13 micron technology with SOI support are still in development at Motorola.

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