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Skype: the future release will include synchronization between devices

With the advent of Android 4.4 KitKat and a constantly growing mobile market, favored precisely by the Google OS which allows it to be used on any type of device, regardless of the hardware configuration, even Skype over time it has undergone an increase in users registered for the service.

For this reason, the company has announced the arrival of a new release of the application that can meet different needs, in particular by adapting to the various devices on the market, always being easy to use and free of the usual crashes that often cause Skype to restart. alone, we will then introduce some new features, such as the synchronization chat and messaging history across multiple devices.

To announce the whole stateMark Gillett, current vice president of Skype, who says instant messaging and VOIP needs a more inclined footprint in the mobile sector, whose exponential growth, while maintaining its peculiarities and improving others, such as the consumption of battery, already present but for which there is a further step forward, to make the application better than it already is.

An official date for the release of the new release has not yet been provided which should be overall lighter and usable on any device, even of a medium-low range.

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