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Shadowgun: Leftover the free update will be released on Android this week bringing many …

Good news for those who boughtShadowgunbefore this week or for those who intend to buy it shortly. Indeed Madfinger the developer of this title has announced that it will be released on this week Android Market a substantial update of this game that will add levels and improve the graphics bringing it to the version Leftover. To all intents and purposes, it will be a true sequel to the main story which, above all, aims to lengthen the game. And another thing of no small importance that would seem to be completely free for those who purchased the title previously.

Let's see the changes that will be made:

  • The story follows the events of the original Shadowgun directly
  • – Free for all original Shadowgun owners
  • – 4 new levels
  • – new enemies
  • – new guns
  • – New type of gameplay
  • – new soundtrack
  • – slightly changed graphics with new animations and cut-scenes
  • -improvements will also affect itShadowgun original
  • – New effects
  • – possibility of rolling

In short, will bring a nice series of changes that everyone will appreciate.

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