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Seo analysis from android smartphone

Very often those who deal with positioning in search engines tend to work at different times of the day as this could be a job susceptible to changes in progress at any time. Unfortunately this means having to stay near a computer for long periods of fear, giving up free time and holidays. Fortunately owning a device Android it could be the solution to this age-old problem. There are many applications that help the life of positioning specialists by making this job possible wherever you are in the world, provided it is supported by a fast connection.

First of all, when working in search engine positioning, it is necessary to find the necessary information not only to carry out a successful marketing campaign but also to correct a strategy when this is no longer suitable. This information consists of the page rank of the site that is analyzing the best online ranking tools such as Google PageRank and Alexa Rank. Other necessary information is the popularity of the link in the social network world such as facebook, twitter and google plus and of course the backlinks to your site from the major search engines such as bing, google and yahoo. This information can be provided by WebRank Seo an application Android very interesting.

Another important moment of the positioning work is the search for keywords necessary for the positioning of your site. For this task it is necessary to use the excellent android SEO-Keyword Checker application. Thanks to these applications it is possible to work directly from your smartphone Android.

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