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Review | SAWS, The Puridium War: a new free shooter with …

A brand new game that has arrived on Google Play. SAWS, The Puridium War, developed by MobilWerX, will succeed in conquering those who love them shooter and immerse yourself in the role of the hero who must destroy the annoying invaders who are blocking the reconstruction of the earth.

In this title you will be thrown in the year 2210, a period in which man is trying to restore the planet that has now been destroyed. An asteroid exploded near the earth and has invaded the globe of infinites blue fragments. What are these crystals? Scientists have discovered that they hide the secret to generate thereclean energy and they called them Puridium. The man, therefore, interested in collecting them, but above all in protecting them. Monstrous creaturesin fact, they want to feed on this energy, but you will have to stop and destroy them.

In each mission you will be immersed in a 3D environment that will put you in serious difficulty: the enemies could come from every corner to reach the crystal. To increase the defenses, you will have the opportunity to place some turrets which can also be updated.

To fight the aliens, you will find yourself aboard a robot that you can also upgrade. In SAWS you can immerse yourself in two game modes:

Maximum attention to the graphics which is very accurate and detailed. The special effects, such as the destruction of the crystal or the explosions, make the game very interesting. The downloadable title for free from Google Play, but inside you will have the opportunity to purchase some items.

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(App) com.mobilwerx.saws (/ app)

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