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Review | Mole Kart, a perfect Mario Kart clone

For sure among the best racing games for Android we find Mario Kart! On Google Play, as you know, this famous title is not present. The developer DroidHen Publisher has decided to try to fill this gap by launching Mole Kart. It is an excellent alternative to the famous game that makes you feel just like you are driving the famous toy cars commanded by the plumber and his best friends! Driving, however, there will be other funny characters.

Needless to search for Mario Kart on the Android Market. You won't be able to find the game, as Nintendo has decided not to put its games on the store. With Mole Kart, however, you can vent in the same way your desire to play the famous title. We can, in fact, define it a perfect clone of the Mario car game. The developer, in fact, tried to exploit the success of the original game. Such situations often happen, for example we can also find many clones of the super famous Angry Birds.

In Mole Karta you will have the opportunity to race in different circuits using special and nice mini machines. You will race on various slopes, on grass, sand and even ice! You can step into the shoes of a specific character. In total there will be six protagonists, but initially you will only be able to access two of them: Mole Man, the main character, and Big White Bear! The others, which are original and equipped with motorized vehicles at the limits of the absurd, will have to be unlocked through medals. Furthermore, each one will have particular skills.

The circuits on which to speed will be 7, but even in this case you will only be able to access the first two. During the journeys you will get gods powerups which will allow you not only to increase speed, but also to have weapons to damage your opponents. In addition, on the way you will have to be careful also of funny enemies who will roam free on the street.

The machines will be managed through i tilt controls *, while the acceleration will be constantly activated. For reverse, however, you will have a touchscreen button. From the options you will have the opportunity to choose between various types of controls.

In Mole Kart you will have access to various game modes: item Mode, speed mode and multiplayer. The latest, however, not currently available.

The graphics 3D tries to reproduce desperately that of Mario Kart. We must say that the intent has not absolutely failed. Mole Kart looks very similar to the well-known game released several years ago for Nintendo64. The settings will be colorful and quality. Sound effects and background music also mimic the original game.

In the game you miss the classic characters that populate the world of Mario, but in the absence of the original game, you can console yourself very well with this alternative. We are happy to promote this game, although we must admit that it is a real game plagiarism of the Nintendo signed title. The Japanese company may have this application removed from Google Play. This is not a remote hypothesis, in the past a previous version of Mole Kart was eliminated from the App Store. One more reason to download it right away!

The download of the application available from Google play for free.

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(App) com.droidhen.taomee.molekart (/ app)

* tilt controls: manage game controls via device sensors.

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