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Review | Demolition Inc THD: a destructive game!

A few days ago appeared on the Google Play the new game for devices Tegra. His name Demolition Inc THD, this discounted title and we have tried it for you!

The game features an alientypical green colornamed Mikewho came to earth to wreak havocaboard a yellow unufo. Your aim will be precisely to demolish everything you encounter on your way. The alien will provide you with various weapons of destruction and you must know how to use them to the best to create devastating combinations and thus fulfill the various objectives that will be provided to you.

Will you be able to?

This really fun game and once you try it you will never be able to do without it. Thanks to the weapons supplied by the alien (tractor beams, anti-gravity ramps and a giant demolition ball that levels the buildings) you will aim to put up to 6 cities and 30 neighborhoods upside down.

You can unleash yourself in all the most bizarre forms of destruction:machines that hurl themselves at buildings and make them collapse, skyscrapers that fall on other skyscrapers, or the possibility of using aexplosive cow.

Here is a short video to see for yourself the beauty of this game.

(yframe url = ?http: // v = pAp0EEY-K3Y?)

It also features three game modes:

  • Campaign mode: you must complete the various objectives by destroying one city after another using yourscunning withthe weapons supplied.
  • Fury mode: you can wreak havoc by destroying everything you encounter on your way, all with weapons unlocked in campaign mode.
  • Online record: you can compare your skills with those of other players.

The graphics of Demolition Inc THD excellent and certainly not a title to be underestimated for simplicity of play. The physics very well done and for each shattered building will always be different over time, this allows the title to acquire more and more thickness thus becoming more compelling.

Demolition Inc THD a title that has everything it takes to become one of the best demolition video games on Google Play. Every time you play it has the characteristic of giving new emotions also because the player will always see the buildings collapse in a different way. This is certainly one of its main strengths. The only flaw that for now this title is an exclusive * Tegra, but perhaps in the future this game will be able to expand and thus extend its compatibility with all devices.

We also remember that this game discounted to 0.99 compared to its introductory price of 3.99, so if you are undecided to buy it, this is the best time. Here is the final evaluation and finally the download box.

(App) com.Zeroscale.DemolitionInc (/ app)


* Tegra:Tegra is the name of a family of microprocessors developed by NVIDIA and announced for the first time in mid-2008. In the company's intentions, these processors are able to guarantee support for high definition and internet experience typical of normal PCs. All for on pocket devices (such as glismartphones), characterized by "very low" consumption.

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